Our Vision
Increase access to and consistency of treatment for patients everywhere.

Our Purpose
Together we are making medical technology and knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and their patients.

Our Values
Simplicity, integrity, inspiration.

At Brainlab, we are dedicated first and foremost to people. To that end, we focus on the development of high technology products that help forge a global medical standard and advance health care. Our goals are unswerving—to provide the best possible technology to benefit patients worldwide, and to develop the highest quality products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. To achieve this, we have assembled an organization of professionals who believe that the pursuit of excellence has no finish line. -Stefan Vilsmeier, CEO

Surgery Products
Brainlab creates and integrates products for various stages and phases of the surgical procedure, from software for pre-planning, to software and systems for surgical navigation, to data management and manipulation, and intraoperative imaging and surgical follow-up. This integration helps clinicians fully leverage patient data in an era in which data is continuously growing in volume and complexity. Similar to a car or mobile phone global positioning system, surgical navigation—also called image guided surgery, computer-assisted surgery, software-guided surgery—continuously tracks surgical instrumentation in relation to actual patient anatomy and displays the relationship, in real time, on a software screen during surgery. At the core of all our platforms is Brainlab software, designed for both routine and complex surgical procedures. Intuitive user interfaces provide accelerated workflows for image-guided surgery. Brainlab software offers universal tool integration and an open platform for surgeons to use the implant and tool manufacturers of their choice.

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Core competence: microsurgery
With our focus on microsurgery we provide operating microscopes for the fields of ophthalmology, neuro and spine surgery, ENT, plastic & reconstructive surgery as well as for dental and maxillary operations.

HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL is an innovative, sustainable, worldwide acting company focusing on development, manufacturing and sales of leading edge surgical microscopes. We are perfectionists in everything we do with the aim to lead the market. The needs of users and surgeons are our guideline and inspiration for future-oriented medical devices. Surgical success, exceeding customer expectations and the well-being of patients is at the core of our identity. Our long-lasting partnerships are characterized by reliability and trust, individualized service and support. We demand and facilitate the best from our employees by offering them a unique corporate culture encouraging top performance. We create sustainable added value for our owners and pursue an explicit long-term perspective.

Our Values
We treat each other in an open and honest way, act with integrity and respect. We live in a climate of cooperation, responsibility, tolerance and recognition. We actively become involved, show initiative and enthusiasm, take responsibility and live quality. We create innovations, act in compliance with the rules and handle environment and resources with responsibility.

Service and after sales
Our valuable high class products undergo strong quality testing according to international standards to ensure a long product lifetime. Continuous service is guaranteed by our worldwide distributor network We are happy to support you in integrating our products into your existing range of services and creating individual practice concepts.

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Our Philosophy
People take center stage in our business philosophy. Our ultimate purpose is to offer optimal sitting solutions for doctors and comfortable recumbence for patients. A Revolution in Comfort - Human beings are the key component Our goal is to increase the physical and mental well being of patients and doctors through our innovative designs. Our vision is to bring forth a new, more holistic paradigm in doctor and patient comfort, designed using the best in medicine, ergonomics and technology.

Our goal.
Our goal is to increase the physical and mental well being of patients and doctors through our innovative designs. Our vision is to bring forth a new, more holistic paradigm in doctor and patient comfort, designed using the best in medicine, ergonomics and technology. .

The Foundation of our Success
We provide the highest quality after sales customer support available worldwide. If you buy any of our products, you can have absolute confidence that all of your questions will be handled in a straight forward, fast and friendly manner.

What we do
UFSK-OSYS develops innovative technologies that benefit surgeons, patients and staff at hospitals and clinics around the world. We are committed to the continuing development of high-quality medical products and systems that offer customers the best price to performance value. Germany's rich tradition of precision craftsmanship and engineering is evident in the construction of all of our tables and chairs. Since its inception, UFSK-OSYS has experienced phenomenal growth. We are always looking for new opportunities to develop technologies that improve patient treatment and decrease the rising costs of medical care. With the collaboration of our specialized partners and distributors, our products are competitive in markets across the globe.

Jürgen Scherrieble, CEO:
"We manufacture surgical chairs and tables specifically for surgeons by offering the right blend of high quality and great comfort at a reasonable cost."

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