Fascinated by the world of the microcosm, Johann Diedrich Möller fulfilled his life's dream in 1864 by founding a company for the production of high-precision optical components and optical instruments in Wedel (near Hamburg, Germany). In the course of its eventful history, the company has brought products of wordwide reputation to the market, such as high-precision measuring and testing instruments for the industry, new prism binoculars with extremely high light transmission, combinations of binoculars and camera, anamorphotic lenses used in film projectors for wide-screen motion pictures, as well as a large range of medical-optical products, especially for ophthalmology and microsurgery.

In the nineties the company became part of Haag-Streit, a group of companies with special focus on instruments for ophthalmology. While Möller continued to develop technical products through its daughter company Möller-Wedel Optical, the main emphasis has shifted to medical technology, especially to the production of surgical microscopes. Even with increased demands on modern production, the company remained true to its traditional location and historical buildings in Wedel.

In course of a modernization that was undertaken in 2012, Haag-Streit Surgical has been founded. Today it is responsible for all sales and marketing activities conducted to market all operating microscopes.

Since 1989 Möller-Wedel has belonged to the international Haag-Streit group, with its headquarters in Koeniz, near Bern, Switzerland. Haag-Streit AG itself was founded in 1858 as a precision mechanical workshop and has become an international medical technology group.

The wide product range of the group contains numerous diagnostic instruments for ophthalmology and optometry, pneumological examination and treatment devices, equipment for doctors' offices, as well as microsurgical operating systems and instruments.

Common experiences in various medical areas and close cooperation in medical technology result in products that better suit the customers' needs.

Nine production plants and five distribution companies in Europe and the USA as well as exclusive business partners worldwide guarantee excellent sales and after-sales service for all customers in the world market.